Do you offer customer pick ups?
Let the llamas do all of the heavy lifting! Our team delivers and installs all rental orders.
What are your delivery charges?
Our standard delivery fee is a flat $200 fee + 10% of the order subtotal for all deliveries within 25 miles of the Social Llama Rentals warehouse. Orders outside of the 25 miles will have an additional $2.00/mile included.
Does your delivery fee include set-up?
Yes! Our delivery fee includes delivery, set-up and strike of all rental items by the Social Llama team! 
When do you deliver and strike your rental items?
We require a two-hour window for deliveries and strikes. We can arrange for specific deliveries and strikes, but we do charge extra for this as we will be arranging our other deliveries around your event. 
How long is the rental period?
Every event has a different time spand! We are happy to accommodate many different schedules! Longer rental periods could incure an extended rental fee! Make sure to include all event details in your inquiry.  
When is payment due for my order?
We require all orders to have a valid method of payment on file prior to delivery. Please note that we will not deliver orders without a valid method of payment. Our delivery team cannot accept payment upon delivery. 
What do you require to book an order?
To confirm and reserve an order, we require your contact information, valid credit card information, and a signature on our rental contract. 
What is your cancellation policy?
AH Man! You may cancel your order, however, we do not offer refunds after payment is made because we have pulled these items from our available inventory. We are happy to give you credit for a future event date, because we would still LOVE to party with you soon! 
You may change the date of your event, as long as the rental item is available with no penalty! 
I am a visual person, can I come look at your rentals in person?
We get it, we are too! We can offer custom design decks once design deposit is paid. These design decks include detailed renderings and real life photos. 
Can I customize my rental items?
Yes!!! Reimagining your rental is our main focus! The majority of our inventory is made to be customizable for your event. Let us know what you are looking for and we will provide a quote!
If I am not seeing what I need on your website, can you make something custom?
Yes!! We have a full custom fabrication department! Let us know what you are dreaming of and we can bring your idea to life!
What if I need to reach someone outside of regular business hours?
For in progress event emergencies, call (214) 960-1151 and a member of the Social Llama will be able to assist you! 
Can I get rentals delivered or picked up outside of your regular delivery times?
Yes!! We are happy to accommodate your schedule! If you require delivery at a very specific time, this will require a fee of $175. Any pick-ups required after midnight will incur a fee of $175. All Sunday deliveries and pick-ups will require an additional fee of $175.
Is there an order minimum for rentals?
All orders must meet a $1,500 minimum. This minimum does not include any advanced custom branding or delivery fees!
What is social styling?
Social styling is an assortment of theme specific sprinkles that have been thoughtfully currated by the llamas for you to rent. Select a pack that matches your theme and we will deliver them with your rentals! 
Is there a fee if I damage a rental?
Yes we charge a damage waver fee of 5% of your rental subtotal order. The damage fee covers all rental items on your order that have minor damages caused by normal wear and tear usage of our rental inventory during your event. You can wave the damage waver, however, by doing so you accept full liability for any damage done to the rental items and will be billed to fixed the item or fully replace it if needed. 
Is vinyl included in pricing?
With each rental item standard vinyl is included in the rental price. Depending on the intricacies and scale of your chosen design, an additional fee may occur.